G.I. Clean Detailing Service: “It’s not clean until it’s G.I. Clean! “We have highly trained on-site Detail Technicians and a state-of-the-art gear in our mobile vans. We also offer a number of services that make restoring your car easier such as Detailing, Headlight repair, High-Speed Buffing, Paint repair, Carpet cleaning and much more.

SunRail: Conveniently park your car at the City Commons and ride Central Florida’s commuter rail alongside I-4 from Debarry to Sandlake Road.

Zipcar: “Own the trip, not the car.” Zipcar is a car-sharing provider that is located on the 1st floor of the garage. The close proximity to the downtown area and SunRail station makes this a convenient alternative to renting or owning a vehicle.

EV Charging Stations: City Commons Garage now offers a new alternative parking solution for motorists choosing to park plug-in vehicles in downtown Orlando.

Free Motorcycle Parking: Located on the 1st floor of the City Commons Garage, City Commons has 20 motorcycle parking spaces that are free for all motorcyclist to use on a daily basis.

Bike Sharing and Commuting Program: City Commons Garage provides bicyclists a free place to park their bikes in an area that’s solely dedicated to that purpose. Bike lockers are fully covered and will fit an average adult sized mountain bike. Bikes can also be rented for a reasonable fee outside of the South St. entrance of the garage. City Commons Garage also has bike repair stations.